Dead Space Power Node


In honor of the release of Dead Space 3 I have decided to create a Power Node as a small side project. I’ve always thought about making one of these little trinkets and now seemed like the perfect time.


I started by pouring some resin into PVC pipe acting as a mold to give me nice cylindrical pieces for the body of my power node. The bottom section has a recessed area for the battery cover to sit in. The middle section of the power node (in white) is made from styrene and will be cast in translucent amber resin to allow the power node to light up.


The Clear portion of the node fits snugly inside the top ring (left). The internal cavity in the body  will house the LED and battery components (right).


The battery cover fits snug inside its recessed area with a small finger notch to allow it to be removed easily (right).


All components assembled.


I threw together a quick mockup of the circuit that will be powering the node but I am not  happy with the size or brightness of this LED so I will be switching it out for a new one. There are only a few modifications and some finishing left to do before molding and I hope to have a few of these made up in time for the Dead Space 3 release.





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